In pondering over the recent shootings, I can’t even begin to identify the emotions the families and survivors are experiencing, I ask the question when does it stop? How much more blood needs to be shed before we demand Enough! We can have our debates on gun control, mental illness, or even its an evil heart however it continues…. As I ponder I look at myself what is my responsibility as An American to be part of this ongoing slaughter…. I became aware by standing on the sidelines and allowing America and myself to be controlled by Fear I am very much a part of the problem. Fear is a crippling emotion when accessed at an unbalanced level. What I see being played out in America is FEAR of: Each other, Our media, the lost of our freedoms, invasion of our border, our comfort, our safety and security in our communities and country; as I ponder on these fears I realize there is only one author of these said “Ghosts” Myself! Yes that right my fears is myself because I choose to believe the perception that America is going to hell in a handbasket! As Franklin D Roosevelt once said ” The only thing to Fear is fear itself!” What is so exciting to me about my revelation is that I am also PART of the solution! I will no longer remain silent when I hear the promotion of hatred, lack of human decency, or another element that promotes division among my fellow Americans! And I will continue to call out faulty leadership that promotes these values which include : Government, Church, Business Organizations, Schools and any other platforms of leadership. I challenge my fellow Americans to no longer heed to this Fear instead lets choose to look at one another with love and kindness and understand they too are being controlled by Fear. Lets choose to look beyond the external person and look into their hearts. For example the bully, we stay away from, choose to look beyond the anger and hear their pain. Together we can make a difference! United we stand! Divided we Fall!