Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

We believe emotional intelligence is the first step to sustaining mobilization. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to access one’s emotions in a balance manner that allows one to see oneself and others clearly in reference to the crisis at hand and having the clarity to make decisions that impact a restorative outcome for all involved. The mastery of emotional intelligence starts with the Pain Process (identify, embrace and take radical reasonability of one’s pain). We need to take a step back before we move forward. With the window in to what is attacking us we have the ability to move forward without one’s old baggage. The outcome of emotional intelligence empowers all involved to move forward in a realistic approach, while sustaining mobilization.


The Gate to the Pathway of Mobilization

Having an understanding the information of the distressing emotions we encounter is the first step in the pathway to mobilization. Knowing the information we get from our distressing emotions gives us the ability to identify our pain. By identifying our pain we experience healing and our pain becomes our passion .

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